Advantages Of Buying A Used Car

Purchasing a used vehicle will bring your ownership many benefits, but you must choose a high-quality vehicle from a trusted source to avoid mishaps. A dealership can be an excellent source for buying a used vehicle, providing peace of mind and support throughout your ownership to help you enjoy your used vehicle to its fullest. However, not all used car dealerships are the same, so consider stopping by a Carloft location to enjoy the most seamless used vehicle shopping and purchasing experience. We have locations in Cornwall, Kingston, Napanee, Ottawa/Orléans, and Carleton Place, but we also serve customers from nearby areas such as Renfrew, Perth, Pembroke, Kemptville, and Brooke.

Sizable Savings

The most significant advantage of buying a used vehicle is sizable savings on its purchase price, letting you afford more features and higher trim levels while staying within your budget. Besides being a budget-friendly option, buying a used vehicle will also bring you other savings, such as avoiding freight and delivery fees, among other new car dealer fees.

Wider Selection Of Options

While shopping for a used vehicle, you will find more options to consider since you can choose from various makes and models. Also, a used vehicle will typically cost much less than a new comparable, opening the possibilities for additional models to consider that otherwise would be out of your budget when new.

Cheaper Insurance Premiums & Taxes

Since a used vehicle will have a lower replacement value for insurance purposes, you will save a good amount on monthly insurance premiums. Those ongoing savings will add up during your ownership, giving you more money to maintain your vehicle and keep it in its best shape. Also, when you register a used vehicle, you will pay much less taxes than when buying a new vehicle since it has a lower purchase price.

Slower Depreciation During Ownership

Dissimilar to a new vehicle, purchasing a used vehicle will help you save money in the long run since most of the steepest depreciation happens during the initial few years of ownership. However, when you purchase a used vehicle, you will save money on its price and retain equity better during your ownership than buying a new model.

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