Used Car Inspection Checklist

While shopping for a used car can bring loads of benefits, it's essential to inspect its condition before you commit to its purchase to avoid mishaps during your ownership. A great way to avoid purchasing a used vehicle that might not be in the greatest shape is by visiting a reputable dealership, including one of the multiple Carloft locations across Ontario. Our Carloft dealerships are easily accessible in large cities such as Kingston, Cornwall, Napanee, Orléans/Ottawa, and Carleton Place. Please browse our used inventory today and visit the Carloft location closest to you to enjoy a fantastic used vehicle shopping experience.

Check Tire Tread & Condition

Tires are an essential maintenance item easily missed by used vehicle shoppers, resulting in spending a sizable amount of money on getting a new set once the vehicle is purchased. However, it's quite easy to visually inspect a used vehicle's tires using a coin or tire tread gauge. Also, it's wise to check the manufacturing date and condition of the rubber of a used vehicle's tires.

Check Fluid Levels & Condition

Fluids can be another area where a used vehicle might require additional services once purchased, which can vary in cost depending on the make and model. Before committing to purchase a used vehicle, you must check its engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. By checking the condition and levels of a used vehicle's fluids, you will get an idea of its previous maintenance.

Check The Brakes

While shopping for a used vehicle with alloy wheels, it might be possible to get a clear look at the condition of the brake rotors, and sometimes you can view how much brake pad material is left. If checking the brakes isn't possible, you can always opt for a pre-purchase inspection for additional peace of mind.

Test The Suspension

You can test the suspension of a used vehicle by driving it around town, which will let you feel how it handles road imperfections or potholes. Also, you can press down the corners of a vehicle by using your body weight to see how the suspension reacts.

Inspect Engine & Transmission

Before you commit to buying a used vehicle, check the engine and transmission by inspecting their fluids first, then take the vehicle for a lengthy drive. You will want to put the vehicle through its paces, ensuring you can detect any issues that might arise at specific driving conditions.

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