Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Vehicle

When buying your next used car, you should ask many questions, especially if you want a reliable vehicle that will serve you well for years. Besides choosing a reputable source when shopping for a used vehicle, such as a Carloft location, you must ask the right questions to avoid mishaps while shopping for a used vehicle. Our experts are always available to assist you with all your automotive needs, so don't hesitate to ask any questions during your visit to a Carloft dealership. We have locations in Kingston, Cornwall, Napanee, Orléans, Carleton Place, and Ottawa, which are easily accessible from nearby areas such as Renfrew, Perth, Pembroke, Kemptville, and Brooke.

How many owners has the car had?

Asking about previous ownership information can be beneficial as it shows if the car has been passed around a lot. Having only one previous owner is ideal because it is more likely that the car rarely had issues and was consistently maintained or serviced at the same place.

Have there been any service, maintenance, recall, or repair issues?

Purchasing a vehicle from a certified dealership like Carloft will have a quality assurance promise attached to it. However, it's good to ask if there have been any previous issues that may cause problems in the future.

Is the vehicle covered under warranty?

You should always ask if a vehicle is covered by a warranty, which can be a factory new vehicle warranty or extended warranty coverage. Also, some dealerships offer short-term warranty coverage for a used vehicle purchase, giving you additional peace of mind.

Has the car been in any accidents?

Knowing a vehicle's accident and damage history is extremely important and can make a big difference in performance. Accidents can cause underlying damage that may not be noticeable or problematic until later. A small fender bender, dent, or scratch here and there shouldn't cause any lasting issues, but a major wreck or accident can create future issues if not repaired correctly.

Are there any mechanical issues with the vehicle?

You should always ask the seller about any mechanical issues known about a used vehicle, allowing you to determine if you are interested and if the seller is honest during the transaction.

Is there a vehicle history report available?

A vehicle history report is a certified document which details a car's history. The information included in a vehicle history report includes maintenance and service history, ownership history, reported accident and damage information, open recalls, any liens, and more. Getting a vehicle history report is essential to find out need-to-know information before purchasing a used car.

Am I able to test drive the vehicle?

You should always test drive any used vehicle you are interested in. Taking a thirty-minute test drive is optimal to ensure everything works as it should. Furthermore, being comfortable in the vehicle and getting familiar with the driving mechanics is essential to know whether the car fits your needs. Test drives are always available at Carloft; contact us today to schedule one with your favorite model.

Can the vehicle be brought to a mechanic for inspection?

Once you are happy with the used vehicle you are considering, you should ask the seller for an inspection from a trusted mechanic, ensuring you get what you are paying for during your used vehicle purchase.

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